NOC List

This list of characters have participated as mentors in my life experiences.  Whether from the past where my experiences are drawn from memory, or from present day, they are a part of who I am.  Thanks to all for allowing the audience to have a little fun and hopefully take something away that they can pass on.

Bill Hosier – The infamous codename Pops, my father, and confidante.

Brent Hosier – Codename Anchorman, my brother, and foremost authority on Ron Burgundy.  This is especially important to maintain our sense of humor, which is kind of a big deal.

Eric Hosier – Codename Rusty, short for Rusty Nail, a teenage nick-name due to my red hair.  My first choice for a code-name would have been 707, my radio call sign when working back at the utility.  Something about spies and 3-digit numbers that I can’t place at the moment.



Ingrid Hosier – Codename T, short for T-Rex, given by her kids because she can’t reach anything in the upper cupboard shelves.  She is a wonderful life partner with tremendous insight into empathy toward people.

Harry Hurt – Codename Guard Rail offers expert journalistic insight coupled with a very warm and supportive nature.  His methods keep our mission on track, between the guard rails, with professional grade and intuitive  communication.

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Devin KeelVinNotVon is an overachieving Asset, getting close to earning his “00” status. He selected his code-name due to the endless amount of people misspelling his first name.

Francis MillsCodename Test Drive is wicked smart and wise when it comes to empathetic feedback, enjoying that type of role over getting into the weeds with process development.  He often serves the role of Boarder Guard, used to gauge whether Design Thinking projects are ready to pass to the next phase.


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Nathan Wood – Codename Coach, a Merchant equipped with expert level techniques to acquire, create, document, categorize, and store intelligence information about human performance.  They are a wealth of support when performing Design Thinking project work.

Dossier: Nathan Wood Consulting, LinkedIn


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