The Culture Spy aspires to host an audience driven parable, where you are invited to play a character. Our team from around the world will support a storyline for investigating and improving issues that get in the way of achieving our very best.  Every mission has the 5-steps of Design Thinking at its core, a project method that empathizes with how to approach the subjects of our story, and uses the power of diverse team member experiences to provide richer solutions.


Our intent is not confusing … Success is a well-executed plan, crafted in culture and our ability to grow into an expert role that promotes change, developed through functional team participation.

Oh yeah, let’s have a little fun as well!

 Current Mission

The Element

The Element: A series of articles to explore and improve the methods used for meetings between small teams striving to perform at an expert level.

Articles in The Element Series:

Chapter 1: The Mission
Chapter 2: The Cobbler
Chapter 3: Role of the Team Leader
Chapter 4: Locus of Control
Chapter 5: Listening
Chapter 6:Practice
Chapter 7: Goldilocks
Chapter 8: Everything is Team
Chapter 9: Bartender
Chapter 10: Poke and Hope
Chapter 11: Casino
Chapter 12: The Mash Bar
Chapter 13: Old Mission Peninsula
Chapter 14: The Bowery


As you read through each mission, open your mind to understand the humanizing approach of Design Thinking. At the end of each mission, take a minute to help the team with an idea or knowledge experience. Practice storytelling as a Culture Spy, so pick a code name that has special meaning and wrap your comments with the intrigue found from role playing as a spy.

Several dossiers are provided including a Code Book (spy tradecraft terminology), Resources (additional references from our deep dive experiences), and a NOC List (non-official cover listing of key mission support team members).

Being on a team that lays claim to a mission statement about culture is not enough, and in order to see the inadequacy, it is necessary for grass roots action.  To pursue action that fulfills the culture experience.  This is not about frustration and being angered by failures.  It is a premeditated and intentional response, no, not emotional, it is our cultural tradecraft!

Past Missions


The Asset Handler: A series of articles to explore and improve the methods used for meetings between people striving to be an expert and their mentor.

Articles in The Asset Handler Series:
EmpathizeDefineIdeatePrototype • Test


The Creative Well

Professional Culture ~ Compelling because it gives us a sense that we belong to something special, with core shared values, beliefs and behaviors