The Culture Spy aspires to host an audience driven parable, where you are invited to play a character. Our team from around the world will support a storyline for investigating and improving issues that get in the way of achieving our very best. Every mission has the 5-steps of Design Thinking at its core, a project method that empathizes with how to approach the subjects of our story, and uses the power of diverse team member experiences to provide richer solutions.


As you read through each mission, open your mind to understand the humanizing approach of Design Thinking. At the end of each mission, take a minute to help the team with an idea or knowledge experience. Practice storytelling as a Culture Spy, so pick a code name that has special meaning and wrap your comments with the intrigue found from role playing as a spy.

Our intent is not confusing … Success is a well-executed plan, crafted in culture and our ability to grow into an expert role that promotes change, developed through functional team participation.
Oh yeah, let’s have a little fun as well!


This year I am a 51 year old man, husband, father, friend, dog owner, and a professional engineer that works for a great consulting firm.  My professional background is populated with CAD, engineering, checking, hiring, project management, proposals, troubleshooting, start-up, marketing, and probably a few dozen functions that I have forgotten.

Highlight ~ Starting a weekly newsletter in July 2015, The Weekly UP. I became addicted to the rush as we approached our weekly deadlines, and yes, we were always short on content. Many late nights to meet the Friday morning issue along with Chris Freire, Justin Shipley and many others that called themselves a Gatekeeper.
… A close second was to hand off the Editor-in-Chief position to my friend Chris Freire.


  • 2 years at Power Engineers Inc. as a Professional Engineer for Protection & Control project work
  • 7 years to startup and run a satellite branch office for Schweitzer Engineering Services – the market share protective relay company in the world
  •  1 year of my 10 years of electrical utility work at Wyandotte Municipal Service

Highlight ~ Starting a branch office and watching so many great folks grow their careers. Good memories working with friend and mentor, Chris Clippinger, for over a decade of my career.
… A close second was to see my friend Nate Boos take over as Branch Manager, adding his unique leadership spin. Years after leaving, he is still “in my head”.


  • 9 of my 10 years of electrical utility work at Wyandotte Municipal Services
  • 1 year as President of my own LLC, Innovative Controls Engineering House (ICE House)

Highlight ~ Starting my own company with friend David Eblen.
… A not so distant second was closing my company.  Much more important to spend time with my wife, very young children, family and friends.


  • 2 years to support the automation of 2 major Chicago post-offices, Palatine and Bedford Park
  • 5 years of electrical process controls for both automotive and chemical indust

Professional Culture ~ Compelling because it gives us a sense that we belong to something special, with core shared values, beliefs and behaviors