Let’s Get Started


This year I am a 51 year old man, husband, father, friend, dog owner, and a professional engineer that works for a great consulting firm.  Because I am in the later part of my almost 30-year career, I have become bolder in my effort to not only give away my lessons learned in life and business, but I have also developed an insatiable appetite for deep dive research that promotes culture in my professional life.  Just like a medication bottle that lists a million side effects, I must warn you that culture methods, when taken in the right dosage,  surprisingly apply very well to both personal and home life too.

Let’s get something straight right off the bat; culture methods do not stop a person’s curiosity to touch the hot stove.  In fact, it may even promote it.  Failed steps are needed to reinforce learning and make success that much sweeter when your plans come together.  Knowing how to fail will also reduce your recovery time.

Being good at culture takes an understanding of an individual or combination of methods and then practice, practice and practice some more.

If you want to run out and get yourself some of that culture medication, you have a free prescription just by reading and providing feedback to our blog.  To clarify, our blog means that contribution is welcome.  If you learn something that betters your life in some way, give it away to one of the peers that sit in the cubical next to you or halfway across the country.

So let’s start talking about it…


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Started”

  1. Great start! 🙂
    Give the readers a challenge to provoke thinking and reaction. Culture is a broad term. What does it mean to you professionally? What about in your personal life?


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